Lapeer Plating and Plastics (LP&P) is a company formed out of the assets from three pre-existing manufacturing operations. The top personnel from these operations were enlisted with the new company, retaining of years of knowledge and training in the various areas of expertise needed to properly serve LP&P’s customers. The best facilities and equipment were similarly retained, with upgrades and/or replacements scheduled where needed to fill the manufacturing capability “line-up”.

Located in Lapeer, Michigan, LP&P is within a few hours’ drive of most of its customer-base, and close to several large OEM’s so that each can visit the other easily, facilitating a regular exchange of information. This proximity allows us to greater increase our understand of the needs and expectations of not only our direct customers but also our customer’s customers. The LP&P management team, each averaging over 30 year’s experience in the manufacturing field, gives our team a distinct advantage. Our vision, leadership, business acumen, product expertise, and agile operating skills have been key to forming a cohesive unit that moves rapidly toward our goals.

The vision for our company, is to promote an environment that focused on continuous improvement, upgrading and replacing systems along the way, utilizing the ideas of the team members not previously enlisted, where value was found in doing so. Now, empowered with solid financial backing and a new vision for the future, our team is pushing forward with new goals.

At Lapeer Plating & Plastics, we specialize in injection molding, ornamentation, decorative trim, handles, and emblems. Contact us to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales associates.